Your wedding film will be a stylish, tightly-edited labor of love.  A combination of striking videography and storytelling techniques, the conventions of "wedding video" are cast aside in favor of Jeffrey's inventive editing style.


Typical running time of a fully produced wedding film is approximately 20 minutes, and will be a fluid blending of two styles of documentation:


DOCUMENTARY style incorporates the live audio of the day - vows, toasts, comments and conversations - all represented just as you remember them happening.


CINEMATIC segments will appear periodically throughout the finished wedding film, providing movement and visual flair, all set to music that you may choose.


The artful blending of these these techniques, along with Jeffrey's innovative "time shifting' editing, will create a seductive documentary that you'll cherish for years - and generations - to come.


Jeffrey ascribes to the aesthetic that his role in your event is to capture it, not control it.  This means no posing, no do-overs, and no influencing moments as they naturally unfold.  That's where the good stuff happens.